Bee Street

Bee Street is a retro arcade game inspired by Frogger and Bee Movie made in GB Studio. There is a Frogger-esque minigame in Bee Movie Game, so I decided to recreate it in GB Studio. I created and designed all visual assets (sprites, backgrounds, animations) using GIMP. Came up with creative solutions to implement designs due to the limitations of the engine and target platform.

Boats, Booze, and Betrayal

Boats, Booze, and Betrayal is a pirate-themed strategy board game that I am working on alongside 4 other developers. The object is to be the first to get 20 gold coins, which can be obtained from selling Booze, receiving it from a random event card, or stolen from another player in combat. Many of the pieces were bought from various stores such as Michael's or Party City. There are also custom-made components such as the board, cards, and the lighthouse.

Simple Match

Simple Match is a match-3 mobile game made in Unity. The goal of the game is to line up 3 or more of the same shape to remove them from the screen and increase your score. The game has been tested on Windows 10 and Android.

Custom Portal 2 Level

Custom level I made for Portal 2 demonstrating level design concepts in a first-person puzzle game.

Custom BattleBlock Theater Level

Custom level I made for BattleBlock Theater demonstrating level design concepts in a 2D puzzle platformer game.

Incubots Intro Cutscene

2D animated introduction cutscene for a completely original platformer IP called Incubots.

Custom Quake Level

An exercise in making a level in a single-player FPS game. The layout of the environment + the use of a "weenie" (a tall structure) guides the player. Exploration is rewarded with weapons, ammo, and armor. The level gets more challenging as the player progresses.

Naruto Hokage's Office Recreation

A 3D modeled recreation of the Hokage's Office from Naruto. I was the exterior deisgner on this project, so I modeled and textured all of the buildings and the gate.

Picture of myself

Ever since I beat my first video game when I was 4 years old, Spyro the Dragon, I knew that I wanted to make video games when I grew up. Now, I am a senior studying Game Design and Development at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Not only do I love video games, but I am interested in languages. In high school, I took a few years of Spanish. At RIT, I took French for a semester, and I am currently minoring in Japanese. Video games are enjoyed globally, so I want to be able to communicate my creativity to people all over the world.

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